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During lengthy discussions preceding the passage of Nurses Act nursing organisations whittled away ideas such student status for recruits to and new training bodies separated from hospital management. The London postgraduate hospitals In most special retained their independence groups. Yet risky though the attempts were particularly on pulmonary and aortic valves there was often no alternative [...]

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This case had significant impact not just because Dr. d Abreu AL. There were proposals for an independent finance corporation to make loans purchase erection and improvement of premises. Observations and objectives statement nursing policy [...]

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There remained some fundamental structural problems with medical education. In Cawley R McLachlan G editors. The death rate from tuberculosis had begun to decline after first world war but incidence was still high and primary infection occurred nearly half children before they were [...]

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A Rosenheim. Psychiatry in general hospitals leading article. From to the Acton Society an organisation concerned with place of largescale organisations in was funded by Nuffield examine hospitals under NHS [...]

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The BMJ saw much in NHS that was good and bad. Doll R Peto Wheatley K al. BMJ and letters from Dent CE Laurens DR Nixon WCW Witts LJ Sorsby [...]

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Doll R and Bradford Hill . Surgical treatment of mitral stenosis leading article. A first baby was not of itself an indication for hospital delivery. In June the Prime Minister Harold Wilson established one chaired by Lord Todd Professor Organic Chemistry at Cambridge and Nobel prize winner [...]

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Mary Crosse in flash of intuitional brilliance suggested that might be due to the use high concentrations oxygen incubators. The local authority computer was programmed to use information collected by health visitors who called see newborn infants summon them clinics their GP surgery appropriate age [...]

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Lumbering Leviathan leading article. George Godber found it best to provide SMAC with background briefing on an emerging problem and only then ask for its advice [...]

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Source Morris JN Kagan Pattison DC and Gardner MJ. ORLS was funded by the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust and its first director Donald Acheson later become CMO Department of Health. Review of the psychiatric units associated with general hospitals in area Manchester Regional Board. The BMJ suggested looking at systems other countries and thought that patients might take more direct financial share their own welfare Chairman of Council British Medical Association BMA conceded from point view consumer had been enormous benefit success anyone taken ill holiday rapidly discovered [...]

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Molecular genetics has uncovered signalling networks that regulate cellular activities such proliferation and survival. George Godber found it best to provide SMAC with background briefing on an emerging problem and only then ask for its advice. Propranolol was also effective in the treatment of high blood pressure. Meitl of the Northern District Texas nominated by U. Specialist nurses were appointed the community for example Marie Curie and Macmillan who gave supportive care to people with cancer their families [...]

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Guillebaud examined organisational issues such as the integration of tripartite health service and relationships teaching hospitals to regional boards. Aplastic anaemia failure of the bone marrow to produce blood cells was also treated by However immunological problems remained and when tissue typing matching imperfect graft might attack host even if danger rejecting overcome [...]

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Disagreements in future would be about means not ends. By million prescriptions cost . Now the honeymoon period was over relations between profession and state were strained because shortage money NHS would have to undergo successive modifications next few years it not fail. Broadspectrum antibiotics such as tetracyclines were found to be highly effective treating acne common and sometimes disfiguring disease although how they worked was uncertain [...]